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El Valor de la familia


Antes de llegar a la prision, las personas mas importantes para mi eran mis amigos. Les dedicaba mas tiempo a ellos, pero hoy quiero que eso cambie, que mi familia ocupe ese lugar privilegiado de mi vida. Espero con ansias el dia de la visita para gozarme su compania fraterna. Aqui anoro a mis padres, asi sea por unos minutos.


Quiero recibir el consejo de mi madre y la sugerencia de mi tia o la recomendacion del abuleo. Hoy deseo estar en mi casa ayudando y ocupandome en las cosas de ellos. Ahora me gustaria saber la opinion de mis papas, ya que antes solo me interesaba la de "mis amigos." Lo mas importante, hoy, es mi familia. Gracias a Dios por medio de su palabra me a renovado mi mente haci como dice en Romanos 12:2-3. Cristo vive!



Family Value


Before I arrived to prison, the most important people for me were my friends. I use to dedicate more of my time with them, but today I want that to change, my family should occupy that privliged place in my life. I anxiously wait for my family to come and visit me to enjoy their fraternal companion. While I am here in this place, I miss my parents more than ever and I would love to see them even if it was for a couple minutes.


I would like to take my mother's advice and my aunt's suggestion or my grandfather's recommendations. Today I wish I could be at home helping and occupying myself in their daily activities. Untill now I am willing to know my parent's opinions, because before I was only interested in "my friends" opinion. The most important thing today, is my family. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to get to know Him and for renewing my mind, as it says in Romans 12: 2-3. Christ is alive!



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