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We believe in one God, Father God, Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe in the divine Trinity.

We believe in our all powerful God who created the heavens and the Earth, and all the universe and everything that breaths.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that He is the only way to the eternal kingdom and that outside of Jesus Christ there is no other way to eternity.

We believe that through Jesus Christ there is Salvation and that He is the only mediator between our Father God and man.

We believe that  every human being has sinned and we cannot enter the kingdom if we first do not accept Jesus Christ as our King and Savior.

We believe that the Holy Bible is the Holy Word of God and that it is a guide to please God and obey His mandates, and be able to arrive to our final destiny. God's word does not lie.

We believe that Jesus Christ will personally come visible in glory to resuscitate everyone, including the dead, and take all His creation towards salvation and judgment.

We believe that anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their King and Savior and obeys the Word of God will be saved and will have eternal life.




The ‘Free in Christ’ Vision: To reveal the power of God to everyone behind bars, through the radio,  community outreach events, and mission trips, in order for salvation to come, and disciple the souls on a regular basis for a new transformed life focused in Christ Jesus.


Libres En Cristo is a non-profit ministry supported 100% by individuals and grants. Our area of focus is prisoner's children, and the prisoner. Our goal is to continue sharing the word of God in the prisons world-wide. We would like to continue helping them through systematical programs referencing the word of God. By providing the love of God and helpful resources/tools for inmates and their children they are able to become productive citizens and reconcile with their families; communities, to prevent drugs, and violence.



The values of Libres en Cristo: To provide the highest quality of work in what God has entrusted us; while preserving dignity, integrity, unity in Christ, maintaining every decision or action on the holy scriptures.



Libres En Cristo is a non-profit ministry solely supported by donations.  Its focus is the prisoner, ex-prisoners, missionary trips, evangelizing, aftercare homes, rescuing gang members and those who have mistreated their lives.  This ministry has a Biblical foundation with compassion, justice, restitution, reconciliation, grace, forgiveness and transformation.

Our desire is that anyone, who has suffered the pain of the absence of Jesus in his or her life, has a transformation through Jesus Christ.  That they recognize by accepting and having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus into his or her lives;  they can become productive citizens and reconcile with their families, communities to prevent prison, drugs, violence or gangs. 

Our goal is to reach more prisoners, ex-prisoners, ex-prisoner’s families, inmates’ children, and gang members.   The gang members will be the next prisoners if we don’t reach them. It is important to develop our ministry nation-wide to be able to expand and reach the nations.

 Libres En Cristo ministry is active in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Colombia. Latin America depends on local leaders with enormous ministry experience where the outreaches within Central America like the ‘Maras’ and the cartels and guerilla bands in Colombia.

Our ministry transforms lives by administering spiritual counseling through God’s Word.  Internal problems can be deeply rooted and can be reached   by spiritual counseling.  We believe in the Trinity which consists of: The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Anytime we counsel anyone our reference is the Bible.






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Libres En Cristo

P.O.Box 148

Covina, Ca. 91723

TEL (866)752-8649

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